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2014-02-28 11:41:34 by CubePanda

I know nobody is going to read this, but oh well!  Hello there young man, I'm... back?  Probably not.  I still exist a little bit, and I'm working on a little something as well.  A bit more traditionally animated it is, so no more nasty sprites huh?  If you by any chance want to contact me, the best place is right here, because it's my most active public area.  Other than that, look after yourself.  I wouldn't want to see anything bad happen to you.

... Hey there...

2012-04-01 07:15:25 by CubePanda

Yeah, I'm kind of still here. I just... don't really do much anymore. I don't know if I'll animate again, and I know no one will read this, but whatever. If anyone is interested in continually stalking me then this is the place to do it. I'd recommend liking it only if you're a Fallout: New Vegas fan. Other than that, nothing really has changed. I'd like to think I'm a little more mature, and a bit more intelligent. I mean, I made this page like, three years ago. Now I'm fifteen and I don't do anything. I guess I read a few more books. Oh, and I like manga more too. One Piece and Fullmetal Alchemist are pretty cool, so give them a read, or watch the anime if you're not so down for reading. In other news, RIP Edd Gould who died after a six year battle with cancer. Jesus, it's a sad world out there. Anyway, feel free to message me here, but I may take a while to reply, or you can talk to me on YouTube where I'm a little active anyway. I guess that's it for now, ciao.


2010-05-05 11:41:54 by CubePanda

Sup fags. LOL JK
The meat collab isn't dead, it's just slow.
I should also submit my new flash soon
What'd ya think?
It's sprites?
QUite long?
Kinda bad but only song to fit music?
Why I am still putting question marks?

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2010-03-29 14:34:43 by CubePanda

Well anyway 1'm back. The operation went fine and 1've been recovering for a long time now, Also the new Pokemon games came out last friday in Europe, so that's been good for m3. The Meat Collab is running smoothly. The due date has been changed to May 2nd because there's no way we can get like 17 parts done in 2 days. Whatever, 1 havn't done m3 parts either xD
What the fuck is up with Kevin Bacon?!
Chris Tobin Is Awesome :P
Chris Tobin sucks hairy balls

1 really should make a new post

Some bullshiz

2010-03-16 12:33:56 by CubePanda

Well, it's the seventeenth of March tomorrow, which means my operation is tomorrow! Gah! I can't animate again >.<
But because of that, I'll be off of Newgrounds for a while, so I'm leaving the Meat Collab in ChrisTobin's hands. I will be back soon, have a good day, love and kisses, Cube x ;P

The meat collab

2010-03-15 14:10:52 by CubePanda

Rules and shiz here.

Mystic Quest 5 in progress!

2010-02-14 17:53:59 by CubePanda

That's right my friends, I'm making Mystic Quest 5. Make sure you watch the first four before you vote 5 on this one,
The first one,
The second one,
The third one,
The fourth one,
It's gonna be good, after this I'll be makin FF7 sandbag part 2. Then maybe Jo Gevves Jo 2. I'm not sure. What do you guys think?

Mystic Quest 5 in progress!


2010-02-12 14:08:08 by CubePanda

One more Flash to go! I cancled Zakuna and Teia. Instead of them, I made this! Make sure you vote five :P


2010-02-02 15:10:04 by CubePanda

Rememeber last year? I had to have an operation :o Well now I'm having another one. Sadface. But, it's on my arm and hip so I can't walk or animate. Looks like all of those projects have a deadline - 17th March. Oh and I'm in the 8 bit collab. That's a bit of work because the collab is based on Flash 8, I do have that, but it's on my downstairs computer, and I'm a lazy fuck. So really, I have to go down there sometime... Maybe when I'm hungry?


2010-01-30 17:51:36 by CubePanda

Me and GiantSockMonster are making a Flash... well he is mainly. We're both doing voices, and it's a little short with shorts. Make sure you press the POW button on the menu XD